A photograph of Gary Barlow and Jason Vale sitting on a jetty and chatting on a sunny day.


The Brief

Juiced! is the seasonal magazine for guests of the Juicy Oasis and Juicy Mountain health retreats. The talented (and lovely) editorial and design folks at Chapel Road Creative asked us to provide fun but polished photography for the magazines as well as video content for social media.

Our Approach

Working mostly on location, we opted for small crews to minimize our impact on other guests. Sometimes working with an art director and sometimes self-directing, we’ve shot covers images, double-page spreads, inserts for editorial features, celebrity interviews, sports and fitness guides, and lifestyle sections.

For YouTube and Instagram we helped devise, film, and produce multi-camera celebrity interview content. Again we adapt to accommodate with an exceptionally small footprint and limited shooting windows.


We’ve had the opportunity to work with some talented and delightful individuals. And even with small crews, limited shooting windows, and tight turnarounds, we’ve been able to create content that looks as fun as it was to produce.

A photograph of Beverley Knight in sports gear in front of a beautiful lake.
A studio photograph of Harry Judd against a dark backdrop.
A group of Juiced! magazine covers.
A photograph of Amanda Holden holding a blender bottle of juice while sitting on top of a triple bench chair in a victorian industrial room with brick walls and a wooden floor.
A photograph of Angela Griffin in a hotel location.
A photograph of Alex Scott showing her football skills outdoors on a hard court.
A portrait of Gemma Atkinson in the gym holding her fists us next to a punch bag.
A photograph of Harry Judd sitting on the counter in a modern kitchen, reading a recipe book with a blender next to him.
A photograph of Gemma Atkinson on a spin bike in a gym.
A pile of magazines
A photograph of Amanda Holden licking the outside of a flask of juice.