Be Extraordinary

Our Brand Philosophy

Bonjour! Olá! ’Ello!

We are a boutique creative agency for hire.

We love to tell stories.

Stories that delight and inspire.

That explore unexpected perspectives.

That shine a light on what’s important. (maybe)

That make the world feel brighter and more colourful. {definitely!}

Our Purpose

To craft brilliant content that makes the world feel less ordinary

Our Vision

To be a brilliant lamp

Content creators shape the consciousness of modern life. They reflect the mood and set the tone for the conversations are are all having. We believe in using this power as a force for good. To go beyond mere entertainment and craft content that makes the world a brighter and more meaningful place.

We strive to be artisans of communication, telling brilliant stories that elevate our collective narrative. Stories that go beyond the conventional and explore life from intriguing angles. Stories that recognize the light and potential that is all around us. Stories that find purpose in both the whimsical and the profound. Stories that transcend the everyday noise and help us remember our true, luminous selves.

Our Personality

Half absurd, half inspired, three-quarters creative

Toucans are part jester, part alchemist, and part artisan. We don’t follow the crowd or blindly accept conventional wisdom. We stand on our heads and ask what we really see; deconstructing the forces at play and weaving together the subtle threads that unlock potential and create something better than before.

Our Outlook — Jester

As the jester, we are curious, playful, and (at least a little bit) irreverent. We love asking awkward questions and looking at the world from unconventional perspectives — turning things upside down and reflecting them back in unexpectedly delightful ways.

Our Approach — Alchemist

As alchemists, we use intuition and insight to see beyond the obvious and release untapped potential. We view the world through many lenses — using a mix of psychology and technology to turn ideas into reality and transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

Our Work — Artisan

As the artisan, we explore perception and expression. We strive to craft beautiful and eloquent work that weaves meaning on many levels — delivering nuanced, profound, authentic narratives that help us learn something new about ourselves and the world we live in.

Nice People — Us

And as human beings we care about the planet and all the things that scurry about on its surface. We believe in making the world a better, brighter, nicer place for all.

Five Creative Principles

How to do good communication

As artisans of communication, we’re driven by the need to create content that adds depth and meaning to the human experience.

Meaning is found in the borders where the light and shadow of contrasting ideas interplay and intersect in unexpected ways. This is the birthplace of previously unseen possibilities.

transform perception, and infuse unconventional brilliance into everything we create. These are the five principles we strive to embrace, so that we deliver work that gives people something to think about, and challenge them to ask questions about their realities, and recognize the delightful beauty and potential that lies all around them.

To be creative is to be human.

We’ve got a limited time here. Why would we waste it creating or consuming pointless content when there’s a whole world out there that needs our help?

Be Unconventionally Brilliant

Don’t be obvious! True awesomeness lies beyond whatever is on the surface. So surprise yourself! Be unexpected! Captivate and inspire! Seek new and unusual perspectives that reveal the illumination within. Find the spark and be a beacon for others.

Be Delightfully Irreverent

Being normal is dull! Anybody can make up the rules! Playfully tug at the corner of conventional expectations and help others to see the unthought-of possibilities that lie beyond what they think they think.

Be Whimsically Profound

Don’t take anything too seriously. Finding and accepting the wisdom in the absurdity of existence is the only way we all get out of this alive. Well, not alive, but we’ll definitely have more fun along the way.

Be Playfully Authentic

True beauty is not to be found on the surface, but within the meanings we find under the surface.

So add depth and meaning to the human experience. Weave stories that are exquisite, intriguing, yet profoundly honestly reflect and enhance the human experience.

We crave meaning, yet the world is full of shallow, cookie-cutter content. Instead, weave stories that are exquisite, intriguing, yet profoundly honest. Add layers of depth and meaning to the human experience in everything (EVERYTHING!) you create.

Be Disruptively Good

Don’t fight darkness with more darkness. Be a source of light. Helps others see things differently and embrace more balanced and unifying perspectives.

Why Content Matters

How to escape the content bathhouse

Your Attention Is A Commodity

The digital glow of our always-on world bathes us in streams of information that demand constant attention. We scroll and tap, scroll and tap! Our reward? A near-limitless supply of meaningless gratification. And so, we keep scrolling and tapping, unwitting dopamine junkies searching for the end of infinity.

We have become the playthings of the platforms that deliver these messages. They choose what we see. They control the flow. And they engineer the interactions that keep us coming back for more.

Your Freedom Is Cancelled

The dawn of social media promised us a brave new world. The flow of information would be democratized. Truth would no longer be curated. No longer would we be constrained by the limitations of traditional media. For the first time in history were free to explore all of reality on our own terms. To connect and collaborate and express ourselves for all to hear.

But you die young or become your parents, as they say. Social media grew up and got a job. And that job is to find increasingly sophisticated ways to keep us locked onto their sites.

Instead of freedom, we have algorithms that seal us in to individually-filtered versions of reality. Virtual communities for one. Hyper-saturated. Monocultural. Ideological bubbles, seasoned with just enough curated conflict to retain our indignant focus.

Content By Toxic Gaslight

This is a world that nature never prepared us for. Like ghosts in someone else’s machine, we find ourselves peering at life through other people’s windows. Our realities framed and distorted by unknown agendas.

Our instinctive need to find purpose and connection has been hijacked by corporately-sponsored self-obsession. A technologically-endorsed mix of nihilism and paranoia, ideological potshots and random abuse. We’re trapped in the bathhouse, and it’s driving us crazy. Our once face-to-face conversations descend into increasingly toxic digital opinions, mouthlessly yelled at no-one in particular. And for our own protection, we learn to ignore and in turn are ignored. Our perpetual connectedness somehow intensifying our sense of isolation.

What Went Wrong?

Far before the internet, or television, or movies, or books

countless millennia we have told each other stories. Round campfires. Painted on walls. In words and pictures, architecture and art.

And at the core of these stories is a search for truth and meaning. Through sharing our experiences we understand our collective realities. Stories shape our culture and influence the technological we develop.

But somewhere along the line, this very thing that makes us uniquely human — our capacity for contemplation — has been reduced to mere a commodity that is traded for someone else’s gain.

We Need To Be Telling Stories

These are strange times. And during strange times we need stories more than ever.

The world around us is changing. Our identities, our understanding, our modern needs are no longer su

The world around us is changing rapidly. Our centuries-old structures of authority and control are struggling to support our modern needs. Outmoded and no longer for purpose. Crumbing under the forces of their own disintegration The forces of disintegration are at play.

We are confused. Uncertain of who we are. Searching for our tribes in a world that ultimately has no boundaries.

We need to evolve. This is a moment where reading our realities and understanding ourselves and each other is more important than ever. Our culture need to evolve beyond nationalistic adversarialism, the ghosts of industrial culture, and commercially-inspired scarcity agendas.

The last thing we need is be addicts of obsessive consumption. Scrolling and tapping. Denied the space to hear our own thoughts. Clinging to the very thing that is progressively deleting our capacity to pay attention and self regulate; to hold conversations, negotiate and advocate; to distinguish truth from falsehood; to behave with compassion; to feel seen and cared about.

it takes awareness and collective responsibility to reclaim our freedom to define our own conversations. To be telling and sharing profound stories.

We need new ways to tell collective stories.

The loss of meaning and identity. The erotion of truth and reason.

Creating A Better Reality

What we create become reality. A new reality. A new culture. Transforming ourselves. And transforming the world around us. To work towards the betterment of the world.

Content creators have the power to reflect the mood and influence the tone of the conversations we’re having. And as we traverse this unique and perhaps critical moment in the history of humanity's development, we have the possibility and maybe responsibility to shape the consciousness of modern life and be a light that guides us through the challenging transition from adolescence to adulthood.

We need to work together, to have the freedom to connect and hear each, and the understanding and responsibility of how we use our voice.

We need to go beyond frivolous entertainment, and to tell stories that help people experience the world in more meaningful ways. To stimulate profound conversations that reflect on our realities. To redefine our expectations, foster compassion and understanding, and inspire us to embrace our own capacity for transformative action.

This stands in stark contrast to our rather than just as inert consumers.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to crafting content that helps us see beyond limiting beliefs and explore reality from fresh and sometimes unexpected perspectives. To recognize the wonder and beauty that is reflected in all things. To follow the threads that connect us and unlock our collaborative potential. To help us all to remember our true selves and rise above the noise and chaos of everyday existence.

By looking for the beauty, wonder, potential and glorious absurdity of our existence, we find ways to create unity and make the world feel brighter and more vibrant.

The future of our collective mental-health will thank us!

To be creative is to be human.We’ve got a limited time here. Why would we waste it creating or consuming pointless content when there’s a whole world out there that needs our help?

How To Irony

A basic introduction to not taking things too literally

It’s never a good sign when you have to explain a joke — but here we go:

Ever looked at a toucan and thought, “what a boring looking bird. I nearly didn’t notice it.”?

No? Of course not!

Thats because even the most ordinary of toucans are pretty extraordinary! They don't wear dull suits or worry about fitting in with conventional expectations. They are distinctive and colourful! And that’s our point! You can be awesome, just by being more “you”.

We’re here to challenge conventional perspectives and tell delightful stories that make the world feel a little bit brighter and a little less ordinary. We create content so that optimistic brands can launch brilliant ideas, spark transformation, and create believers in what they do.