Don’t Be Ordinary

our manifesto



Our Purpose

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Unconventional content for optimistic brands

We’re here to make peculiar shit that adds depth and insight to the human experience (and makes the world a slightly brighter and better place).

We’re here to use the power of visual storytelling to create content that makes the world feel a little less ordinary.


Our Philosophy

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The basics of not being basic

Content creators shape the consciousness of modern life. They reflect the mood and set the tone for the conversations the world is having. So instead of adding to the steaming pile of rage tweets and desperate lip-sync crap, we believe in using this power for good.

Content creators shape the consciousness of modern life. They reflect the mood and set the tone for the conversations the world is having. We believe in using this power for good. To go beyond mere entertainment and tell stories that elevate our shared narrative; to see beyond limiting beliefs and explore reality from new and unexpected perspectives; to recognize the light and beauty reflected in all things; to follow the threads that connect us and unlock our true potential; to help us remember our true selves and rise above the noise and chaos of everyday existence.

We live in weird times. And life’s too short to waste arguing over whose version of reality is correct. If we want the world to be a happier, healthier, more harmonious place, we need to change the script.

So, instead of jumping on the latest social media trends (which have about as much positive impact as the magazines in a dentist’s waiting room), we believe that all content deserves to tell distinctive stories that add depth and value to the human experience.


Exploring consciousness-changing ideas with humour and humanity = good!


our Principles

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Being meaningfully absurd

Being ordinary is boring.

The most interesting things happen when we allow ourselves to lean in to the apparently contradictory paradoxes of the human condition.

Be Unconventionally Brilliant

Be exceptional. Surprise the world. Transform consciousness. Exceed expectations. Be wow!

Be Delightfully Irreverent

Avoid being normal. Awesomeness lies beyond conventional expectations.

Be Whimsically Profound

Find meaning in the absurd and absurdity in the meaningful. Ta-da! Enlightenment!

Be Playfully Authentic

Express ideas in striking and meaningful ways. Bring new truths to the human experience.

Be Disruptively Optimistic

Positively deconstruct negativity. Change the status quo. Fight darkness with light.


our Personality

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Seriously, baby, I’m 33% clown!

Our brand personality is made from three archetypes — part jester, part magician, part artisan. We’re like Gandalf with juggling skills and our own series on the Arts Channel. (We wish!)

Our Voice: The Jester

Lighthearted and delightfully mischievous. We enjoy seeing the world from curious and unusual perspectives, and reflecting it back in unexpected ways.

Our Approach: The Magician

Visionary and intuitive. We follow the threads that run under the surface to release the full potential that transforms “ordinary” into “extraordinary”.

Our Work: The Artisan

Expressive and experimental. We love exploring meaning and perception, and finding new ways to help us learn something new about ourselves and the world we live in.

Us: Nice People

Encouraging, inclusive, and good humoured. We care about the planet and all the things that scurry about on its surface. We believe in making the world a nicer place for all.


Our Plan

— or —

Less conventional. More meaningful.

We live at a time when we our attention is a statistic forare surrounded by messages that demand our attention.  

From TikTok to Tinder, instant gratification is damaging us. Social media platforms use instant gratification and subvert our brain’s feedback mechanism to keep us hooked.

Our ability to pay attention and hold conversations; to negotiate and understand others; to feel heard and show compassion to others; to tell stories and advocate for ourselves and others, is damaged by social media.

We spend a lot of time in toxic conversations. Everything feels meaningless. Recent studies reported that 80% of social media users find the experience unpleasant and damaging to mental health.

We are passionate the need to make the content we consume more meaningful.

The algorithms expose us less to thing we have to negotiate. The reduce the effort we have to put in. They short-circuit the reward centres so we feel more immediate, but also superficial gratification. It literally feels less meaningful.

We would love to help detoxify social media — not by adding more kittens, nor with excessive virtue signalling and worthiness. But instead to create content the encouraging users to find better ways to have more meaningful conversations that lead to lighthearted transformation.

That’s the plan we’re growing in the background!

We will never...

Support brands that are dishonest, engage in socially or environmentally destructive activities, encourage addictive behaviour, or we believe are bad for people or the planet we live on.


Bonus Points

— or —

An introduction to irony

It’s never a good sign when you have to explain a joke — but here we go:

Ever looked at a toucan and thought, “what a dull looking bird... I nearly didn’t notice it...”?

No?! And why not? Thats because even the most ordinary of toucans are pretty extraordinary! They don't wear boring suits or worry about conventions. They are distinctive and colourful! And that’s our point! You can be awesome, just by being more “you”!