I Am Human

The Brief

Northamptonshire Interfaith Forum asked us to create a workbook for children aged 6-10 that explores our collective individuality and encouraged us to celebrate differences so we can build respect, which leads to understanding, which leads to friendship.

Our Approach

We knew this was an important piece of work. We enlisted the help of child developmental experts and teachers to work with us to develop the content. We then illustrated and designed the full book.


The book has been incredibly well received and was adopted by Northamptonshire Police not only for all members of the force, but also for use in their community-centric activities.

“It promotes diversity, embeds respect and tolerance for all, and broadens the horizons of young minds.”

“We don’t see this as just for children. This has the power to have a longer term positive effect on all communities. Really, it’s for everyone!”
Gan Thayanithy — Police Chief Inspector