Super Juice Me!

Jason Vale


Intelligent, Optimistic, Alternative

According to the World Health Organization, more than half of people will die prematurely of preventable diseases. And meanwhile pharmaceutical companies push prices ever higher driving more people around the world into poverty.

Super Juice Me follows the story of 8 people with 22 diseases between them as they spend 28 days on freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juice. Could the results of this four-week “juice experiment” show that the answer to treating chronic disease may be cheaper and simpler than we think?

Created over a decade ago, Super Juice Me has now been seen by over 10 million people. Launched with an “orange carpet” premiere at the Odeon in London’s Leicester square, it has been broadcast in the UK and Canada, shown on Virgin Atlantic flights around the world, featured on Amazon Prime, and (later) released for free on YouTube. It continues to be popular and brings many people to Jason’s juice retreat in Portugal.

And what happens heath guru gets unhealthy? The follow-up, Super Juice Me 1½ features Jason getting his own health back on track at the age of 52, ten years after the original