Juice Master Retreats

The Brief

We’ve worked with never-endingly energetic Jason Vale for many years, producing recipe content for his books, apps, and social media feeds. We’ve filmed and photographed on location everywhere from YouTube HQ in London, to Southern Turkey, to Ireland, Portugal, and Spain.

Our Approach

Recipes should look as delicious as they taste. So at Jasons UK HQ we designed and built a custom shooting set, specifically for filming recipes. The lighting rig was crafted to give the back-lit vibe that make close-ups look delicious, while still providing a bright, energetic feel on the wide shots.

And aswell as video, we’ve photographed recipes on location and in a number of studios, including our own.


Our ongoing relationship with Jason speaks for itself. Over the years, we’ve created enough content for 5 books, 10 apps, and hundreds of hours of YouTube and Instagram content.

And our work has featured in numerous publications, including the Daily Mail, Mens Health, Sunday Brunch on Channel 4, This Morning on ITV, and the Lorraine Show on ITV.

“It promotes diversity, embeds respect and tolerance for all, and broadens the horizons of young minds.”

Juice Master Retreats

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Client Quote About Working With Us

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